Since early 2005 one of Charleston’s most talented DJs…DJ rDOT…has been entertaining and attracting party-goers from everywhere. From being hired to bring the hype to Charleston’s hottest clubs to being asked to work beside the some of the most popular DJs and entertainers in the industry…rDOT has a reputable history of never disappointing!

After joining the DJ Crew, The Club Bullies (based out of Los Angeles, CA), rDOT has been doin just that, bullying the club! Having grown to become one of the most popular and requested DJs in Charleston, you can catch rDOT on any weekend at various clubs/bars located in the Downtown Charleston area.

rDOT has had the opportunity to DJ events for nationally known artists such as Ying Yang Twins, Bobby Valentino, Trey Songs, Wiz Khalifa, J.Cole, Wale, and Curren$y to name a few.

rDOT is available for club events, weddings, or any place with dance floor. To book DJ rDOT for your next event contact rDOT at djrdot@gmail.com


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